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Peanut-Free School Information

August 27, 2015

Student Safety:  Peanut Allergies

When most of us think about allergies, we might imagine a stuffy nose or a scratchy throat, but some people have allergies that can be life threatening.  We, in the Green City R-1 Schools, believe that our students’ health and safety are our first priority, and with that in mind we support procedures and protocols that protect students with serious allergies.

The district’s plan for allergy prevention and response is in accordance with House Bill 922 (2009).  This protocol is not a guarantee of an allergen-free environment; instead it is designed to increase awareness, provide education and training, reduce the chance of exposure and outline responses to allergic reactions.

Students with allergies that rise to the level of a disability, as defined by law, will be accommodated in accordance with district policies and procedures pertaining to the identification and accommodation of students with disabilities.  When our school has a student or students with a disability, in this case a severe allergy, we will support the students’ needs.

When a school learns that a child with a severe nut allergy is enrolling, the school will work with the parents and a doctor to determine the precautions and procedures needed to be put in place to support this child’s safety and well-being, depending on the severity of the allergy. 

Green City R-1 School District has two general categories that may be used to label a school’s nut handling level, these include:

  • Lower Exposure Risk: Nut Awareness Level (i.e. a nut-free table in the cafeteria, nut-free classrooms, extra hand-washing)
  • Higher Exposure Risk: Nut Restricted Level (i.e. restrict access of all nuts into the school at all times)

Just as we work to provide students with education in math, science and English, we believe students must be educated on allergen issues and how to keep classmates safe who have severe allergies.  Training is done for students each year.

If anyone has questions and/or concerns about the allergen procedures, please contact a building or district administrator.  The district’s goal is for all students to be safe for the hours they are in the district’s care.  This is one restriction that can be implemented to provide safety for the students. 


Click Here for Link to Frequently Asked Questions about the Peanut Free Policy

Board Policy 2875  Student Allergy Response and Intervention:  http://www.moconed.com/policy.php?action=ind&polID=323&catID=3


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