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From the Math Room

March 22, 2015


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This year was an epic Pi Day.  Pi is a mathematical number used when finding area and circumference of a circle.  Pi is a never ending number but we usually use 3.14 as its value, hence we celebrate Pi Day on March 14.  This year was extra special because Pi extended is 3.141592653...so March 14, 2015 at 9:26.53 had special meaning in the math world.

My classes celebrated the day with many activities.  We made Pi bracelets, Pi plates, Pi chains.  We measured circular items to find their diameter and circumference, they tried to make the numbers of Pi with their bodies, we read a short story about Pi and of course we ate LOTS of pie.  It was a wonderful day and I hope the kids learned a little something too.  Thank you so much to the families that donated items.  Pictures coming soon.

MAP and EOC testing is approaching quickly.  Please remind your kiddos to try and put in extra study time.  Study Island, Moby Max and IXL are all wonderful sites they can use at home.