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Great Things are Happening in Room 1601

English Language Arts classes have been busy these first few weeks of the 2019-20 school year. Freshmen have made Mrs. E.’s heart sing! They have gone over and above the requirements for their independent reading, with many of them ready to start a second book. *can you hear Mrs. E.’s heart singing?* They will participate in their first Literature Circles and Book Talks on the 16 th . Freshmen have also submitted their first Writer’s Notebook. Sophomores have been working on a unit called Purposeful Reading. They’ve read and discussed an excerpt from a novel, annotated two articles, made a . . .

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Preschool News

This year has had a great start! We are a full class of 20 this year. We have worked on our classroom rules and consequences as a class, so that they have ownership over them. We have been working hard on trying to identify our name in print. We have done a couple of different activities with our name. They really enjoyed dotting their name with different color paint.  We have been working on calendar daily. We talk about the month, the day, the season, the day of the week and how our numbers on the calendar make a pattern.  We have also learned how to sort objects by color and we are working on counting.  I am looking . . .

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Heads Up for Head Lice

No one wants to receive a call from the School Nurse advising them that their child has head lice. Human head lice have been with us, living off our human blood since the Dawn of Time. Luckily, they do not spread any diseases, but having them can be an annoyance and distraction. Click here for some information and our school’s policy regarding human head lice. Contact the nurse with any questions.

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Renovation Update

As we head towards the first day of school I’m excited with all the things we have managed to accomplish this summer.  We have completed over 90% of the work planned for the summer. A list of the items we have completed can be found at the end of the article.     Upon entering the building, especially in the elementary, you will notice that we do not have all of the items hung back on the walls.  Our first priorities were ensuring the classroom materials were returned to classrooms, the bathrooms were functional, and the cafeteria was able to serve students.  We will continue to . . .

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New Teachers to District Meet

New teachers to the Green City R-1 School District met on July 30, 2019. We want to welcome them to our district and look forward to learning with and from them. 

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