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Green City R-1 Schools


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Questions Regarding Transportation

During school hour please contact the elementary office with any questions about buses.  You can contact the elementary office at 660-874-4126 option 3.

After school hours please contact Mrs. Halley at 660-874-4126 ext. 225 with any bus related questions. If someone does not answer, then please leave a message or try to call again. Thank you


Basic Transportation Information

Riding the bus is a privilege extended to students who live more than 1 mile from the school building.  All students being transported are under the authority of the bus driver and must obey his/her requests. Students riding the bus are to go directly from the bus to the building each morning and return directly to the bus each afternoon.  Students are to board the bus without leaving the school property.

If a student needs to get off at a different location than normal, please contact the school via phone or a written note, explaining what changes are necessary.  Contact with the school should happen before 2:45 p.m.


Bus Expectations:

  • Pupils will stay seated while the bus is in motion.

  • The back door of the bus is an emergency exit, and will not be used except in case of emergency.

  • Food or drink are not allowed on the bus.

  • Bus schedules are posted in front of the bus.  The bus will not run ahead of schedule, but may run behind schedule.  Students should be encouraged to be at the designated pick-up area as the bus pulls up.  Due to the length of the bus routes and the number of students to be picked up, drivers will not be able to wait on late students.

  • The noise level on the bus should be appropriate so the driver can safely transport students.

  • Students will walk in front of the bus and stop when even with the left fender of the bus. After checking for traffic, proceed to the other side.                                         

  • Students should stand well back from the loading area until the bus has stopped.

  • If students do not ride the bus with reasonable regularity, the bus route may be rearranged to eliminate a stop if it will make a shorter or more economical route.

  • If a student rides a bus to a ballgame or other activity, he/she must ride it home, unless the parent has made personal contact with the Principal or instructor.  All handwritten notes must be approved by the principal.

  • Students will keep all objects and body parts inside the bus.

  • Students will not throw litter on the floor of the bus or out the window.

  • Drivers may assign seats to students if they think it is necessary.

  • Any damage to the bus should be reported to the driver at once.

  • For serious misconduct the bus driver will accompany the offending student to the appropriate office.

  • Misbehavior on a bus may result in penalty at discretion of principal depending on circumstances (May include removal from bus for 1 to 10 days or permanent removal from bus by a formal hearing).  Serious misbehavior on the bus may also be cause for punishment up to and including suspension or expulsion from school.

  • Safety precautions will be updated, as recommended, to meet the needs of students and staff.

Discontinued service - On route stops where the school bus must make a special stop in front of the residence, it will be the policy of the driver to discontinue the service if the bus has stopped twice to deliver or pick up a student without the parent informing the school or driver in advance by a note or phone call.

Adequate and Safe Turnabouts - Turnabouts should be adequate for turning without danger of getting stuck or backing blindly into traffic.  It may be necessary to turn around on either side of a pickup point for safety and convenience sake.  In cases where a bus cannot turn safely because of the lack of space, it will be necessary for the driver to secure a more suitable pickup point.

Route Drivers and Contact Information

Bus 1        Donald Murphy            660-626-4283

Bus 2        Eric Littrell                   660-292-1583

Bus 3        Jim Thomas                 660-956-2792

Bus 4        Christy La Faver          573-881-6068

Bus 5        James Snyder             660-292-2792

Bus 6       Donnie Fields               660-626-6382