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Dress Code Updates Approved by Board

Dress Code Proper dress is expected at all times. Shoes should be appropriate for safety and comfort.  Caps and hats should not be worn in the building.  Please make sure your child is sufficiently dressed for outside recess in cold weather.  Shorts are discouraged during cold weather. Shoes shall be worn at all times No halter tops, backless clothing, see through garments, or bare midriffs. All undergarments, including bra straps, should not be visible.  Bralette straps may be visible when worn under a shirt. The bralette straps must cover regular bra . . .

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Current Highlights

2019-2020 Scholarship Information

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Scholarship Information Scholarships are a fantastic way to fund your education. It's different from a loan because you don't pay this money back! There are so many great scholarship opportunities out there! Look for . . . read more

Food Allergy Awareness

  Student Safety:  Peanut Allergies     When most of us think about allergies, we might imagine a stuffy nose or a scratchy throat, but some people have allergies that can be life threatening.  We, in the Green City R-1 Schools, believe that our students’ health and safety are our first priority, and with that in mind we . . . read more

Smart Snacks Calculator

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