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General Scholarship Information

General Scholarship Information



Scholarships are a key way to fund your education. It's different from a loan because you don't have to pay this money back. There are so many out there! Look for scholarships that are specific to your school first and once you have applied to those, start expanding your search. Seek other scholarships through parent/student employers, organizations, church, special interest groups or websites that pertain to your interests and experience. It can seem overwhelming when searching for scholarships. But remember, it doesn't cost you anything to apply and the more you apply the more likely it is you'll receive funds! 


Here is a list of General Scholarship Websites for free searches and resources to explore.  Please keep in mind that you should not have to pay to search for scholarships or to submit applications; check out legitimate websites that offer this information to you.

General Scholarship Websites

College Board Scholarship Search: Available through the College Board On Line, this site is a free scholarship search.

Fastweb Scholarship Search:  A free scholarship search resource. Begin by entering data about yourself and course of study to create a scholarship mailbox. Information in your mailbox will be automatically updated for you, giving you the names, addresses, and details of the scholarships that you'd be eligible to apply for. Suggested form letters to each scholarship organization are also included.

Financial Aid.Org: A guide to financial aid, with a links for scholarships, financial planning information, etc.

GoCollege - The Collegiate Websource: One of the largest free scholarship databases in the country.

High Five Scholarships: A scholarship matching service that will find hundreds of scholarships that match personal characteristics, goals, and interests, free of charge.

How to Plan for College: Step by step approach to planning for college,  Scholarships are no cost to you, federal aid or student loans -- how to make financial planning work for you.

LendEDU: LendEDU recently updated their guide to college scholarships to help students find relevant opportunities. Within this update, they have added our new search tool where students can filter scholarship opportunities based on grade level, GPA, the scholarship amount, and the requirements of the scholarship.

Mometrix: Mometrix: has put together a list of the top 175 college scholarships based on web search data

UNIGO Scholarship Resource: A resource of various scholarships. Search by interest, state, specific college, major, interests, etc. 

Scholars App: At Scholars App, we background check every scholarship. We check that students will not have their data stolen and that they have a chance of actually receiving money.

ScholarshipAmerica.org: To make sure the high cost of college doesn't keep you, your kids or your grandkids from earning their degrees, Scholarship America offers lots of resources for students and families.

Student Scholarships: One of the largest collections of scholarships on the web for quick access to a diverse offering of scholarships.

Student Financial Aid Search: Search engine to find and apply for financial aid.