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23-24 School Calendar Survey Results

Thank you to everyone who completed the survey regarding the sample calendars that were presented.  The feedback from the community is extremely important as the school district tries to view this situation from a variety of perspectives.  The multiple choice question regarding the preferred calendar forced individuals to make a decision, however the comments left regarding the calendars are important and extremely useful as the survey is analyzed.  It should also be noted that it appears as individuals may have changed their views of the four-day school week consideration from the fall survey.  This may be due to conversations had with others or after reviewing the information that was presented at the public meeting.

The Four Day School Week Committee has met to review the feedback.  The committee is now compiling all the information they have encountered throughout this investigative process.  Each member will be summarizing the information they believe to be “key factors” as they reviewed articles related to four day school week. 

The members of the committee will be presenting their findings, including community feedback they received, to the Board of Education on February 13, 2023.  It will then be up to the Board of Education to make a decision regarding which type of calendar will be used for the 23-24 school year.  Once this decision is made, a final calendar will be presented and approved at the March Board of Education meeting.


Forms response chart. Question title: Which calendar option do you prefer?. Number of responses: 173 responses.

Calendar Option Preference by Sub Groups



Sample A

Sample B

Sample A & B

Sample C

Sample D


{173 Responses}






Parents Only (not including staff)

{103 Responses}






Staff Only

{49 Responses}






Parents (including staff who are parents)

{120 Responses}






Parents and Staff (excludes those with no direct connection to the school)

{152 Responses}






Individuals with no direction connection to the school 

{21 Responses}







Calendar A Comments
Mondays off instead of Fridays because of game days.
It is a set schedule for every week
mondays are off
That we would have mondays off to work or to spend time with family and all of my friends from other schools have Monday off so I could go see them and my doctor is open on Monday and not Friday
More consist on the days we are here and gone.
Mondays off
Mondays off
I really think our only choice to retain teachers or hire new teachers for our district is to accept the 4 day calendar. I feel our staff will do what it takes to insure that our students reach the goals we set for them.
If we choose to go to a four day school-week, I like the thought of having Mondays off more than Fridays, but I am not opposed to Fridays off if that is the ultimate decision.
Mondays off, 3 day weekend
Every Monday off
sample a
Consistan so it is easier for care for children for working parents.
More time to plan around
If no school Monday I can schedule appointments for kids those days, it's more difficult to schedule appointments, for example with doctor because she don't work on Fridays same with dentists office.
Able to schedule doctor/dentist appointments on a Monday (so that my kids don't miss school and class time) rather than a Friday because most doctors, dentists like to take Friday off or use it as a surgery day.
4 day week
They will still go to school every week.
It would be the true 4 day school week
The 3 days off
Would work good for making appointments for my child.
Monday is the day that most other schools have off that are 4 day weeks.
How they have consistent days off.
Consistent 4 day weeks. I prefer Mondays off. That feels like more of a bonus day than Friday.
I think I would prefer Monday just because that way kids have more time to recover from a busy family weekend. I think that this will allow the students to be better rested and recharged for the week!
Having Monday's off.
Mondays off
Drawing in quality teacher applications to our small school and giving teachers an extra day to recoup to prepare for the next week. I feel it would provide a better overall, well rested and prepared teacher.


Calendar B Comments
Just that if they have to pick Mondays or Friday I feel Friday's would be better due to they wouldn't fill like they missed a day and go in on a Tuesday and screw up there week
A lot of events are on Friday nights
Off on Friday that way if you want to take a mini vacation you can leave earlier
I'd like to at least try the 4-day schedule for a year and see how it goes. Following that, Calendar D has a lot of appeal for me. I thought it was a good compromise between the two options.
Dr office is closed on Mondays.
I think Fridays off would be best.
Fridays off but, on the Mondays we don't have school come to school on that Friday so we have 4 day week.
I like having Friday's off, but starting the year on a 5 day week to get off on the right foot.
Longer school days and more unwind time for the kids and teachers
Family’s are able to leave early on Fridays for the weekend.
Its easier to plan for a 3 day weekend than random days throughout the year
I also work a 4 day week w Friday off so it allows me a whole day w my children.
Most schools have Monday off which then causes lots of doctors to be booked for those days. Having Friday off would potentially allow for more availability in offices for appointments. This would then allow for even less student absences.
That my child gets Friday off to be able to get into the doctor and we will be able to go on a little trip on the weekends
Friday’s would be different from any other 4 day week
I like it because I can make all my kids appointments for those Fridays
Friday’s off would really stand out for applicants
I think it would be easier on the students to have a four day week and I like the fact that they would have Fridays off
For students would like to go to farm shows they are usually scheduled Friday - Sunday. This would allow them the opportunity to go without missing school.
4 day with Friday off
Most events like farms shows or other events like sports events are usually on Friday , Saturdays and Sundays.
Fridays off for kids. Longer weekends and planning for trips on weekends. Availability for Friday doctor appointments and dentist appointment
Honestly it's equal between B and D. The thing that sets them apart is the full week for Thanksgiving and Fridays being the day off.
Appealing for recruiting and retaining good teachers.
Friday's off and Thanksgiving break is normal.


Calendar C Comments
It keeps a good routine for all of the students.
The time
The students get dismissed from school earlier and the Students and Teachers have more of a Christmas break.
The kids start school later and get out of school sooner. Also, they have more of a Christmas break.
I like the extra week of at Christmas and getting out earlier at the end of the year. However, if I was to choose a 4 day calendar it would be calendar A which has the Mondays off. I am honestly fine with whatever option we choose to go with.
I like that we get a full 2 weeks for Christmas break still. That is a time that I enjoy off to spend the holidays with my family. I also LOVE the update of giving the whole entire week off for Thanksgiving. That makes it where people are able to travel more with their families. It's so important to allow that time at the holidays for staff to spend with families. I also like the start and end time of this calendar. I'm afraid with the 4 day calendar, it will make it to where staff members that live 30+ miles away, will be exhausted even with a 4 day week because we're having to get up and be here much earlier.
Not having longer school days. More structure for children.
It’s the earliest time getting out and has the longest breaks.
Consistency with young kids.
It’s a five day school week for the kids and a five day work week for the rest of the world! Most don’t and can’t have the luxury of a 4 day work week like the school district is wanting!
The 4 day school week is not involved. Sample C presents very similar to existing school calendar.
Setting an example for our kids that as adults you work 5 days a week.
Least amount of days off and won’t have to find childcare as much!!
The time is the same as it is during five day week
The start and ending school times staying as they are now with more “normal” weeks and nice holiday breaks.
It is the most traditional and aligns with parents work schedules
This allows the kids to get the fullest of their needs on receiving their education that they need.
School doesn't start on a Monday, longer Holiday vacations, and earlier out for the school year.
It is not a 4 day week
It seems to be the closest to what we have happening now.
I like that the length of day is most reasonable for the needs of students.
Whole week off at Thanksgiving and the date of the last day of school
It has more 5 days a week on the calendar year
5 days a week is best for the students
5 Day school week
Shorter school days and longer Christmas breaks
Long Christmas
It seems to be closest to the current calendar.
Five day week and extra time off at Christmas
My child will be in a structured facility the most possible days, and I won’t be strapped to look for daycare one day a week in a town that is already in a shortage.
It is more a standard calendar than a 4day calendar.


Calendar D Comments
Gives staff some break without harming our kids!
I feel like its a good compromise of keeping kids in school and still giving some extra time off for teachers who may benefit from the added flexibility.
More teaching time
As someone against four day. I think of this as a good comprises for those who do want four day and those who don’t.
Still having the long Christmas Break.
the long breaks
More time off at Christmas
I would rather keep the longer breaks at holidays and getting out earlier in May. But we would still get at least 2 days off each month.
I like the time off during and around Thanksgiving and Christmas. I do like that we still get out in the middle of May.
The Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks.
Modified 4 day
More instruction time. I like the four day week, but I don't want to lose any instruction time. Calendars A and B show two hours less time for instruction than calendar C (traditional five day week) and FOUR hours less time than calendar D. ........ Calendar D provides for two and a half hours more instruction time while still providing multiple 4-day weeks. While I understand that the two and a half hours is just a couple minutes extra time per class, every minute of instruction is valuable.
It is a happy medium between 4- day school week and the traditional.
There is a pattern to our days off each month. Gives good options for planning doctors appointments for self and community members.
I like the intact longer breaks (Thanksgiving, Christmas) Fridays off easier to plan appts, some Mondays off too; and Class time isn't extremely late or early.
It gives teachers more breaks without sacrificing one day each week for childrens education
Several days off while still being normal schedule.
It is what we are doing now and teaches our kids that a 5 day week is the norm
I like how the start times are not drastically changing. I also like that it will still give us the longer breaks at Thanksgiving and Christmas while still allowing us to be out for the summer about the same time.
Only slightly longer school days with longer breaks and some long weekends.
It's least resembles a 4 day school week. I am not in favor of the 4 day school week
5 day calendars only
The days are not so long for the kids.
That we are still getting two Fridays off a month, longer Christmas break and thanksgiving plus get out early in May.
Christmas break
Keeps time off grouped together
I like this option the best out of the four because it is a combination of 5 and 4 day weeks.
Last day of school earlier in May and break for thanksgiving and Christmas
Long weekends most months. Convenient start and end times.
Kids don’t start as early or stay late
All of thanksgiving week off, a few fridays off.
2 Fridays off per month
Longer vacations for holidays and a few Fridays off.
The days off are more together
The start times and end times of the school days.
School times didn’t change much but still allows for time off
Thanksgiving and Christmas break
I feel it’s a good combination between the traditional school calendar and a 4 day school calendar and it still allows us time off at the holidays to rest, travel, spend time with our families, etc. Also, start and end times for the school day are more appropriate in my opinion.
I like the thought of 2 Fridays a month off.


Additional Comments Regard the Calendar
I feel it is very important to remain competitive for teachers and administrators, after all, they, in consort with students families, are key in determining educational success.
I feel choosing the Monday off is the best, you can leave on Friday evening for family events and not have to worry about getting back home on Sunday to get ready for the kids to return Monday! We can have Monday as a regrouping/ down time before going back to school on Tuesday!!
I think days could be moved around so Christmas break will be more than just a week long.
I do wish there was a way for us to still have 2 weeks off at christmas though. Also 3 days off at Thanksgiving.
I feel that in December our teachers and students as well need the Christmas break and would like to see it remain as it was this year if at all possible. The amount of days for our teachers each week will make no difference to me actually as my schedule depends on my families and will adjust to whatever is easier for them, but I am voting for the 4 day to accommodate new teachers and to retain the ones we have.
If we are making this decision to go to four day school-week, I believe that it is a wise decision in terms of teacher retention. That being said, I am concerned about losing days on Christmas break. Do we have to build in all of the snow days that we do? Can we take some of those out and add them on to our Christmas break? What will our PD schedule look like on a four day week.

Those are just a few of my questions/concerns. Thank you.
I’m still trying to figure out how this will help our students? The research presented in the PowerPoint wasn’t overly persuasive.
Additionally if teachers don’t want to work five day school weeks then get rid of them and find someone else who will work for five days. I have to ask off of work from my M-F if I have an appointment, just like everyone else. Are there days where it’s hard to work my job? Absolutely but I still don’t ask to work only 4 days a week.
It be nice for the kids and parents even teachers have 4 days three days off.
I believe there should be a 2 week Christmas break. I would like to see a few of the built in snow days taken off the calendar to help make this happen. Also if going a little later into may allows for a longer break I believe that would be a good option to extend Christmas break. Lastly if Hollidays come on Fridays and school is not going to be in session I would like to see school on Monday to stay consistent on having 4 days every week. This also might help to be able to extend Christmas break.
Just want the best for the school district, teachers, and students.
I wish there were more days for the holiday breaks, as the kids need those extended breaks.
A is my first option. As I believe we need to stay on the same days off as other schools. C would be my second option as I like the time school would be starting and the bigger selection for days off on holidays
I think two full weeks for Christmas Break is extremely important. This time is not only good for teachers to get a break and recharge, but for families to take time to get healthy again. It seems like sicknesses are rampant at this time of year. Therefore, any calendar you choose, please have two full weeks for Christmas Break. (Preferably with 3 weekends included.)

I don't agree with scheduling the maximum number of hours in order to avoid making up snow days. If you have a 4 day week schedule, I feel like it would be easy to make up days on the Mondays or Fridays off throughout the year. No days would need to be tacked on to the end of school, just have makeup days on the fifth day as soon as weather allowed. This could be the understanding with the community from Day 1 to avoid disgruntled parents. I think it would be easier for teachers to plan for a specific number of days of class and know that any missed would be made up vs. planning for extra days and then getting them taken away. Reducing the number of days would be a way to get 2 full weeks for Christmas Break.

Please be aware for the 4 day calendars, scheduling PD on January 1st would not be received well. So your January PD would either need to be on the 8th or not have school on January 2nd in order to have PD.

I don't like Calendar B because the rest of the schools in the area are off on Mondays and I think if we chose to be off Fridays, it would create a lot of scheduling conflicts. But if you choose Calendar B, you could schedule school on Friday to make a 4 day week when there is a Monday holiday in order to make up the time needed for a two week Christmas Break. A three day week seems wasted.

Schedule D doesn't make any sense to me. It seems too random. We would have to check the calendar every week to know when school is in session. Also, D doesn't even give you the advantage of advertising a 4 day week to attract teachers.
I have several suggestions to change some of the days on the calendars that we were given. Since I have been told they are just SAMPLE not the exact days we will have off I have suggestions:
Sample A: I think that we need to find 4 days to switch to have off. We really need that Wednesday Nov. 22nd off for kids, and teachers that might be traveling over the holiday. We have had it off for the last few years and it is really nice. I also think we need to look at the days for Christmas break. We could always go the 1st couple of Mondays or take a few of the build in snow days out.

Sample B: Already has the Wed. before Thanksgiving off. My suggestion would be to still give 2 weeks at Christmas. If you look at January and February We have 3 Monday's off. On the weeks that we have Monday off we could go to school on Friday. If we don't do that then We have 3 weeks in the 3rd quarter that are 3 day weeks. I would think with getting ready for testing we would want to be here as many days as possible.

Sample C: Not going to attract high quality teachers to teach our students. We need to do what is Best for students.

Sample D: Still not going to attract high quality teacher to teach our students.

Do we really need as many snow days build?
Why are some 4 day schools having less days on their calendar? (Is it the snow days)??

There are some changes I would like to see made, such as adding more days to the Christmas break.
I would like to see the Monday's off but with 2 weeks for Christmas break.
We just hope they get out of school for summer break and go back around the same time and it don't shorten their summer breaks.
After we go 4 days for a year, take a look at it to determine moving forward. You won't know until you try, but if it doesn't work, we know there are C and D options to return to..
I prefer the schedule calender we are currently using. But if I have to change, I prefer Friday off.
I have suggestions for tweeks for both the A and B calendars.
The extra days that we come on Fridays put them on for a longer Christmas break like we have in place now. Talk to Danita Gordon and Angela Fields they have it worked out on the B Friday calender.
Is it possible to go some Friday's early in second semester when we have Monday's off to avoid 3 day weeks? Could those does be then added on to Christmas break?
C is great
I’m glad we are switching to a four day week so we can retain the good teachers.
Both A&B are great choices
This is the best
If you decide to not switch 4 day, calendar D is better
Whatever we as parents think would work great for students, it is ultimately what the school board thinks they would like for the sports aspect and will have the last say so on this matter.
Calendar D is also very appealing and if the decision is to continue 5-day, then maybe it would still draw in new teachers and retain staff.
I think two weeks for Christmas break is needed.
Some bus rides are extremely long and if time increases at school, it’s go to make to long of days for little kids.
Give the teachers more personal days to use and keep the kids in school 5 days a week . I am concerned for low income families and low level children that need to be in the classroom daily . We are here for the students to help them become better adults.
No big concerns stand out at this time.
I like the idea of a 4-day school week. However, with what the government has been putting out there, I'm afraid if we went to 4-day and started getting used to it, the possibility of them changing it where all schools go back to 5-day would be an issue. So we may as well leave it how it is if that might be the case.

Something to suggest (if it was possible), I'm wondering if we could have somewhat of a "spring break" in conjunction with Easter? I know some other area schools (PC) get a whole week off for spring break AND an Easter break. I thought it might be nice if we could even combine the two and have a few additional days off with Easter. So for example for next year, we have Thursday and Friday off of Easter. I was wondering if maybe we could get out early on Tuesday and have the rest of the week off as kind of a "spring/Easter" break? Just a thought to see if it would work. However, if that would make it where we have to make up those days somewhere else and say you tack them back on to Thanksgiving break or Christmas, I would say just leave Easter how it is.

I realize that might not work but wanted to throw it out there. I can't imagine the stress it has been on board members and administration to try to do their best to please everyone. I just want to say that I appreciate how hard everyone is working to accommodate as best you can. Thank you for taking the time to have our voices be heard as well.
Our children need to be in school. They need education, structure, love, therapies, and advocacy. Please, advocate for our children and don’t pass the 4 day school week.
If we are choosing 2 days why not Mondays since all other schools are doing Mondays. I've heard teachers mention friday so they can get their hair done and that's horrible
School should be in session 5 days a week
I do have concerns about the earlier start time/later end times on the 4 day weeks. This is a long day for smaller children especially if they have 45 minutes on the bus on each end of the day. The long weekends are nice but I find it difficult to get my kids back on a schedule.
I think this is a great idea for high school due to mental health but will not benefit elementary students so should not be applied the same to both
If this is something that the school district wants to try then try it on the high school. Do not take away time from the grade school kids that need every minute of education that they deserve! Please put the kids first before the teachers.
Starting the school year on Mondays, is very taxing on both children and the teachers. Starting on Tuesday or Wednesdays, gives students time to acclimate with out wearing them out. It may also be beneficial to include a 4-5 day break (including weekend) for a Spring break regardless of which calendar is chosen. Also, not sure a full week at Thanksgiving is needed (calendars C & D). 3 day break seems sufficient.
If you have to take days always please please please do not pick Fridays! If you have to do this at least let it line up with Milan with taking Mondays away. Picking a different day than Milan will only make this more difficult for us as parents. Even though doing this all together is going to making this difficult for parents. People like me which is the majority can not make this work. The “lower class” of this town will struggle finding babysitters, financially affording baby sitters. And then you have to think of the children who look forward to eat at school. Thankfully my children will not have this issues but let’s not pretend like this isn’t a huge issue. The way we do things now works. It has worked for many of years. We do not need to make this change. But if you absolutely have to do this then at least try and line it up with surrounding schools. This shouldn’t be about “longer weekends” this should be about our children. Their education. Is taking more time away from them really what they need when so many students already have to tutor twice a week? And to think you want to make the days longer? Do you realize you’re already sending 4-6 year old to school for over 8 hours? My goodness that is already excessive. I just hope whatever decision you make it’s for the sake of the children because isn’t that what this all about? The children?
I think all of the calendars could be improved by being more strategic with the days off. Longer spaced breaks would be better than frequent breaks. Too many short breaks only lead to distraction and hinder being able to get into a stable routine. Having fewer but longer breaks would allow true refreshment where families could make plans. I think A & B are too long of days especially for the younger students.
Kids have votech ALL week. It would be a bad idea to be off every monday or every friday. These kids will have to still go to school so they really are not getting off of school.
I don't believe staffing is an issue on why we need to go to a 4 day schedule.
I would have picked option D, if it were Mondays off instead of Fridays. I think the last two weeks being 4 day is a good compromise to be most beneficial to the kids and be appealing to staff. However, I think if we go to 4 days it definitely needs to be Mondays as the day off instead of Fridays. Makes no sense for us to be the odd ball only school in the area in session on Mondays when that is when everyone else is off.
We’d prefer to leave the calendar like it has been in previous years and not go to a 4 day week.
In other, larger districts, the high school is a separate entity from the elementary school. I would recommend we entertain taking the high school to 4 day weeks to attract the best possible help for the upper level courses but leave PK-6 untouched.
If you go with the 4 day week calendars with earlier start and later dismissal times you need to consider afternoon snacks for elementary students.
Just say no to all 4 day calendars. Support the education of our children!
Can we cut a different stressor from teacher responsibility without impacting the school calendar?
I am very concerned about moving to a 4 day week. Given the demographics of our students who deal with extreme poverty and mixed parent households, it makes me very concerned to have students away from school lunch programs and supervision that our school district provides. 4 day weeks make me nervous for families who don't have access to safe child care and/or food for the additional day that kids will be at home.
I think the biggest issue of the four day week. Is the lack of time spent when it matters most. The four day makes it to where we have little to know Christmas break.
I really don't have a preference on 5 day week or 4 day week.
B would be my choice for a four day week
I still have several questions about PD days, prom, pt conferences
I think that the Thanksgiving break on Calendar A is not set up the best. I know a lot of people travel on the Wednesday before break, if not before. I'd rather have that Wednesday completely off than that following Monday. In December on Calendar A, I feel like having Monday the 18th off then going 2.5 days then having off is weird... I'd rather go Monday, Tuesday, and half a day on Wednesday. On Calendar B, I do like the Thanksgiving break better. I don't know if we need a whole week off for Thanksgiving. I'd rather have that time during Christmas or spead out in other times of the school year.
I would like to see block scheduling.... for any of the calendars. While block scheduling might not add or add only a few more minutes of total instruction time, the block of time itself is important: 45 minutes of time vs 90 minutes of time per class. So much more can be accomplished in 90 minute blocks: Writing isn't broken up; reading of texts isn't broken up; projects and discussions have more continuity. Science labs have more time. Presentations wouldn't take three days to get through. ............ So many advantages exist to longer class periods than the short time periods. ....................... However, I do worry about block scheduling set up so a course is completed in one semester. Students could go one full year without an English class or a math class; the skills learned and practiced in these types of classes depend on repeated ... and repeated often ... practice for development. Every year, we spend the first couple of weeks refreshing what students haven't practiced in the summer break. Imagine the loss that would happen in a year to a year-and-a-half!
Calendar A: Dislike having to go on the Monday before Thanksgiving because it would be weird and throw the schedule off. Dislike starting at 7:55am. Dislike not getting out of school until May 23rd. Dislike that before Christmas break we would only go Tues and Wed with an early out Thurs. Like that Mondays would be off and give an extra day of rest.

Calendar B: Fridays off do not sound as appealing as Mondays off. However, if other schools mostly do Mondays off would it allow our community access to doctor appointments and other stuff kids might need to go to better so they are not missing as much school? Or would it create more conflicts between parents who have kids at other schools? Fridays off would not be bad and I like the lay out of the calendar. I do not like that we would start early either. Why would we be starting the 21st of August and not have that August 25th off or the 1st of September off? Do not like that we would get out May 23rd.

Calendar C: Like that we would have a guaranteed 3 day weekend at least once a month. I like the week off for Thanksgiving. I like the two weeks off we'd get for Christmas break. Like that we would get out of school May 17th. Like the traditional start time of 8:15am.

Calendar D: Really like having two Fridays off as it gives some stability/a pattern to the days we have off. Like that we wouldn't start much earlier or get out of school much later. Like the week off for Thanksgiving. Would like if the Christmas break was not the day and a half wish it was just a week off. Like that we would get out on May 16th.
If the breaks were longer in the A or B calendars, I'd prefer Mondays off (Calendar A)
If we do go to four day, would prefer Fridays off rather than Mondays.
Living 30 mins from the school really makes the start time a big deal for us. Right now we are getting on the bus at 7AM. If we start much earlier we'd be getting on the bus at 6:30AM and not getting off the bus till 4:30-4:45PM. I also know that we choose to live that far out of town but it still matters.
Please give equal thought to 5day calendars. Please do not sell our future short!
Calendar B if you decide to go to a 4 day
I do not think 4 day weeks will help students excel academically and believe test scores will go down. I also, think this going to be hard on families that have two working parents, especially due to the lack of daycares/childcare available in this area.
I think it would be to hard to do 4 days a week for a lot of parents that work full time
I worry about the children’s attention span if you add an additional 40minutes of learning to their day. Are the children going to retain what they learn in a 4 day week or will there be multiple follow up and review days to make sure they’re retaining that info?
When switching to a 4 day week how will that affect the children’s breaks, such as Christmas break. I know my child enjoys the time they have off and doesn’t want a 4 day week to cause their break to be shortened.
I feel the 4 day school calendar is going to make for LONG days for staff and students. I feel it will take away from the learning experience for the students. I feel young elementary students struggle as a general rule and that a longer day isn’t going to help this.
I really like having the longer break at Christmas, I feel that is halfway point and everyone involved needs time to reflect on the first semester of the year. I would like to see more time off at Easter time