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Green City R-1 Schools


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Dress Code Reminders

Dress Code

Proper dress is expected at all times. Shoes should be appropriate for safety and comfort.  Caps and hats should not be worn in the building.  Please make sure your child is sufficiently dressed for outside recess in cold weather.  Shorts are discouraged during cold weather.

  • Shoes shall be worn at all times

  • No halter tops, backless clothing, see through garments, or bare midriffs.

  • All undergarments, including bra straps, should not be visible.  Bralette straps may be visible when worn under a shirt.  The bralette straps must cover regular bra straps.

  • Shorts, skirts, and dresses must reach below the end of a closed fist with arms extended at the student’s side.  Dresses, skirts, skorts, and dresses with a slit in the side must meet the same standard as shorts to be worn at school.   

  • When wearing leggings, the shirt must meet the same length requirement as a pair of shorts.

  • Hats, head coverings, sunglasses, and bandanas are not allowed.

  • Clothing advertising alcohol, tobacco products, illegal drugs, or drug paraphernalia is not allowed.

  • Clothing that is demeaning to any person or group, or anything that is considered by the administration to be in poor taste or demeaning to any person or group, or displayed on shirts, blouses or articles of clothing.

  • Spaghetti strap shirts are not allowed unless worn with an outer garment. Tank tops with straps 2 inches or more in width are allowed.  

  • Tops that hang excessively low below the neck or underarms and tops worn off of the shoulders with no straps are not to be worn to school.  Tops with shoulders cut out of the sleeve so that only the shoulder is showing are allowed if the strap section measures two or more inches in width. 

  • Pants should be worn above the hips and without undergarments showing.

  • Jeans, shorts, and all other pants may not have visible holes above the end of a closed fist with arms extended down to the students side unless tights are worn underneath the jeans, shorts or other pants.

  • Spiked belts, collars, cuffs, chains, or wallet chains of any length will not be permitted.

  • Pajama pants should not be worn to school unless it is a specified dress up day. 

The school administration may disallow other types of clothing that may jeopardize a safe and orderly environment for students and school staff.